Steven Hane

President & CEO

Under Steve’s leadership, Sielo has become a fast-growing industry leader in the topic of connected lighting-based IoT intelligent platform technologies. Prior to Sielo, Steve was the CEO of Ampulse Corporation, a pioneering technology commercialization effort formed in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), as well as the CEO of Picolight, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of VCSEL technologies, acquired by JDSU for $125M in 2007. Steve has also held senior management positions in Business Development and Sales at companies such as LightPointe Communications, ADC Telecommunications and DSC Communications, running business teams up to $500M in annual revenue run-rate over a career spanning 33 years in technology companies. Steve has received national recognition and awards for his efforts in technology transfer and commercialization, and his business approaches have been taught as case study at both the University of Colorado and the Harvard Business School. Steve received his Bachelor of Geological Engineering from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology in 1983.

What project are you most proud of working on at Sielo, why?

The project I am most proud of is the whole of the Sielo journey to where it is today. One of our largest customers said it best: “Sielo evolves right in front of your eyes, adjusting, solving, and crafting practical solutions on a dynamic basis.” I think that’s a great way to offer our clients a path to practical value through the uncharted territory of the IoT.

Why are you passionate about Sielo?

More than any other company I’ve been part of, Sielo embodies a culture that is driven to understand first, develop practical and innovation solutions geared to that understanding, and then bring it all together within an unbending commitment to an excellent client experience. We are competitively-driven to out-perform expectations, and it resides in every function of the company.