Certified LEDSENSE® Partners

A Sielo Certified LEDSENSE® Partner, CLP, is exclusively authorized to specify, setup, and configure the LEDSENSE® intelligence platform.

The CLP program enables connected client relationships, providing building owners with energy management, intelligent building controls, and optimization, beyond payback.

Long-Term Client Relationships

Build long-term relationships and profitability through our LEDSENSE® connected platform and services.

Training & Certification

The Sielo team will provide hands-on training on systems and solutions of the LEDSENSE® platform, on-site or in the field.

Recurring Revenue Share

As a CLP, recurring revenue is available through LEDSENSE® software and consulting services.

Ongoing Support

As a CLP, you will have access to technical support from the Sielo LEDSENSE® Applications team.

CLP Training Program

During our Certified LEDSENSE® Partner training you will learn strategies to sell, specify, configure, commission, and optimize the LEDSENSE® system. The training is a mix of hands-on product training and technical presentations. You will meet with members of the Sielo team including: Executive, Engineering, Product Development, Marketing, and Customer Service staff.

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Who should attend

You will be trained and certified to sell and configure the LEDSENSE® platform.

  • Business Leaders
  • Technical Sales
  • Project Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Engineers

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Interested in selling the most connected LED Upgrades in your area?

Industry-Unique Retrofit Solutions

Sielo engineers our LED lighting retrofits from the component level to optimize lifetime, performance, and value. Our commercial-grade LED products exceed performanceof new light fixtures at a fraction of the cost.

Preserves Existing Light Fixtures

Make use of the light fixtures you have, no stranded costs or wasted materials, preserving the ambiance of the building.

Fast and Easy

Our LED retrofit products install quickly into a wide variety of commercial fixture types. Installation expense is minimal with zero disruption to your business.

Payback in Months, Not Years

Our LED retrofit products provide compelling economics, paying back quickly on energy, lamp and ballast replacements and labor savings.

Most Reliable LED Products

The industry’s best warrantied LED products engineered to reliability standards*, ENERGY STAR® and UL standards for field installation and 24/7 commercial operation.


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